14 October, 1972 (our first letter)

Dear Soapmaker...

I am anxious to try some of your old-fashioned handmade soaps. I saw your ad in the Classified Flea Market.

What the world needs now is more natural soap, so please keep on making soap. Thank you in advance, I know it will be great!

Om Shanti...

Berkeley, California

Dear Sappo Hill,

LOVE your soaps!  first purchased 3 bars, from mountain mammas, in co springs, co, 2 days ago, and i love the silkiness of the suds. plus it makes my skin feel a lot better than the commercial soaps i've been buying, i'll continue to buy your brand of soap, also, it smells great, ty jeannie

Dear Sappo Hill,

I LOVE YOUR SOAPS!!! I discovered your oatmeal soap when I was in Kauai getting married and I happened upon it at Foodland. I never thought I would find something as amazing as your soap in a grocery store but I'm so glad I did!!!

I have never liked using bar soap- I was strictly a body wash in a bottle and loofah girl because I never liked the way my skin felt after bar soaps. I bought the oatmeal soap randomly because the smell was sooooo good and then when I felt my skin after using it in the shower it was so soft!!! That was a definitive moment- I fell in love with the soap and decided I'm never using that bottle body wash ever again! I love that there are no parabens or pthalates or anything unnatural. I've never liked "natural" beauty items but your soap takes the cake. It's a big deal for me that I switched to a bar- I thought I would NEVER use a bar, but here we are.

Thank you for such an amazing product...I'm a customer for life :)


I love  you!! After using a liquid castile soap for many years, I started to find that it was leaving my skin pretty dry. So began the hunt for a new natural soap. After months of bouncing around between a few different ones that just didn't work for various reasons, I finally settled on Sappo Hill. My search has ended. Yay!! Plus, Sappo Hill is always available at my local co-op grocery store. Keep up the excellent work!!



I've been buying your wonderful soap for our family for many years now at Debra's Natural Gourmet in West Concord, MA...the almond is our favorite. I'm especially grateful for your products these days since our son has many allergies to otherwise natural soap ingredients (such as dairy cream, goat's milk, even olive oil) but his skin loves your simple, rich soap. Thank you so much for continuing your thoughtful approach to making such pure, simple and satisfying soaps at a very affordable price,'re a rare breed!


Dear Sappo Hill,

I just wanted to tell you how your oatmeal soap is a miracle soap to me. To start with, I broke out in rashes on my arms, legs, and hands since I was 2 years old to now, in my early 40's. I've tried everything it seems and nothing helps the rash till I started using this soap this past winter and into this spring. I usually break out in May and it's middle of June now and no rash so far!! Anybody who has skin problems of any kind, should use this soap!! I won't be using any other soap for now on so please don't stop making it. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Sappo Hill,

I have just tried the Oatmeal Soap. I must say that this is the best soap for oily skin. I have tried all of the high end soaps, they either irritated my skin, or just made me have large pores. Since I've gone Vegan, I was definitely looking for a more natural soap, and you guys have delivered everything in a soap that a person would ever need, my skin is firmer, my face is producing less oil, pores are closed. In addition I'm also bald, and I use the Oatmeal, Aloe soap for shaving, your soap also gives the perfect shave, with no irritation. I appreciate this product, your business, and all that you stand for, please keep producing a great product, I will always be a buyer.


Dear Sappo Hill,

Just dropping a thank you note to the staff at Sappo Hill for making such great products! Since using your soaps my skin has transformed. I have shared this incredible discovery with my entire family and friends. Never stop making these soaps!

Again, thank you for the amazing product!

With much appreciation,


Dear Sappo Hill,

I recently ordered a bar of your fragrance-free natural oatmeal soap. I must tell you how pleased with it I am. I have MCS and have (for a long time) been looking for a soap that would not cause allergic reactions. The faint fragrance is delightful, the lather creamy and soft, and it rinses quickly and cleanly from my hands. I intend to make this our primary household soap from now on. Thank you for a wonderful organic product.

Katie J.

Dear Sirs:

I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy your soaps. The fragrances are great, they make your skin feel soft, and they are cruelty-free!

I found out about your company from the National Anti-Vivisection Society and I couldn't be more happy with a soap.

I congratulate you on an excellent product -- keep up the good work! As you can see, I've enclosed an order for more!



To Whom This May Concern:


Ever since I was a baby, I had been plagued with eczema, an itchy rash, which covered my arms, legs, and hands. Although dermatologists managed to fairly control my sensitive skin with various pills, lotions, creams, and ointments, I always managed to occasionally re-live the itching, burning, irritation, and infection that my skin created. For nineteen years, I suffered and hoped to "out grow" the disease.

I threw away all of the chemicals after I tried the Sappo Hill Almond Soap. The cruelty-free, vegetarian, and God-sent soap completely cleared up my skin. I have personal proof that vegetarian products are better than animal-tested, artificial chemicals!

I am forever grateful for Sappo Hill Soap. Thank you!


(a very satisfied customer)

P.S. - Please remain cruelty-free!

Dear Sappo Hill Soapworks,

We can't tell you how pleased we are with the soaps you sell! they lather up great, last a long time, and smell great! We first bought the soap because it had not plastic or cardboard wrapping, which we thought was an excellent idea (less junk to fill landfills with.) And now we discovered you don't test on animals -- great! Keep up the good work!


Amy & Andy
Richmond, Virginia

Your soap is sooooo wonderful, our guests are swiping it!

(for Signe)
Preston House
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dear Sappo Hill,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much my family and I love your soap!

I am a 32 year old housewife with three children, and nobody can believe how young my skin looks. I have to show my I.D. in restaurants and when buying wine for dinner at the supermarket and I love it! I have always been very sensitive to soap and fragrance which is why I started using your soap several years ago. I have used it faithfully since finding it in a health food store in Los Angeles, CA, and have been ordering a year's supply at a time from you directly - going on my third year. My entire family uses it, I purchase nothing else. And I recommend your product to anyone interested enough to quiz me on what I use on my skin.

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product, and please never stop.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. E. L. Siegel
Carlsbad, California

Dear Sirs:

I should like to thank you very much for making Sappo Hill Glycerin Creme Soap. In order to help my patients with skin problems and environmental allergies, I am always on the lookout for natural, unscented products.

It would be very pleasing to me to be able to give patients a sample bar when applicable, and to know where they might be able to obtain your soap. I would also enjoy purchasing a case for my personal use, if the cost is reasonable.

Thank you very much. Sincerely,

William, M.D.
San Francisco, California

Dear Sappo Hill Soap people,

This is just to say that I find your soap to be an excellent product. Also, I appreciate the lack of packaging, it is a rare thing to find a bar of soap for sale with no packaging whatsoever. The quality of soap is supreme - keep up the good work!

Thanks again,

Colorado Springs, Colorado

To Whom It May Concern,

Recently I was visiting friends and questioned them about the odd round cake in there bathroom with the pieces of whatever in it. They proceeded to tell me about your products and their preference for them. They gave me a bar of your oatmeal soap to try and I found it did not dry my skin as much as the Ivory I presently use.

Thank you in advance.

Battle Creek, Michigan

Thank you for the sample of your Gardeners' Soap. Love it!!! I am dig in the dirt gardener and your soap does what nothing else has done, takes the dirt stains and leaves my hands soft.

Thank you,

Monroe, Iowa

Greetings, Ya'll --

We're in Saudi Arabia now -- bathing in partially desalinated water. Thank Goodness for gentle Sappo Hill soap.



We love the soap -- we're hooked!



I ran out of your heavenly soap and my skin feels awful! Please hurry... I'm addicted!!

(I loathe all other soaps)


Dear Sappo Hill,

I love the Gardeners' Soap. It got my hands clean in 2 tries. Which is very unusual. I have been looking so long for a soap to get this clay off my hands.

Thanks again,


Just to let you know my boyfriend who is particular about the soap he uses, loves Sappo Hill! He like it because it is good to his skin without heavy fragrance!

You've got us both hooked now! Thanks!


And I just wanted to mention that nirvana is Sappo Hill Almond soap, Santa Cruz Mountains wine (Felton Empire Vineyards), Richard Braughtigan novel, and lots & lots of bubbles.

There's something good going on in Oregon. Keep up the good work!!

Enthusiastically & blissfully,


I love your soap! I'll never use any other kind for the rest of my life!! This is the first winter that I haven't had dry skin!


To Whom it May Concern:

Just a small note to tell you how much I enjoy your soap. I also enjoy how long it lasts. thank you for such a fine soap.


Pat Tulelake, California

I have been using your soap for several months now and have really enjoyed it. My skin feels so much better and has not broken out (like it used to) in all that time. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!


Nancy Garner, North Carolina

Dear Nancy,

Several weeks ago I spoke with you and asked you send me samples and/or any literature you could for my display at the High Desert Home & Garden Show this past weekend. I was more than pleased when I received your shipment. All the material you sent me was great and I appreciate that you sent the materials so promptly and in a quantity that was very beneficial. I appreciate that you and Sappo Hill take such interest in your customers. I use Sappo Hill exclusively myself, and I think it is the best product. In fact I am happy to say that because of Sappo Hill my husband will finally use a natural soap, actually he won't use anything else now.


Dr. Vicki
Vibrant Health Chiropractic
Apple Valley, California


Ive been using your product for about 6mo or so .Within a week, my skin took
on an amazing difference. Gone are all those high-end department store
cremes, lotions etc. Thanks for making such a quality product. My favorite
is old fashioned oatmeal- followed by almond.

Mrs D lang