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Sappo Hill is an independently owned business in beautiful Ashland, Oregon. For nearly 50 YEARS, Sappo Hill's master soapmakers have been making plant-based castile soaps according to traditional cold-process methods. First from a kitchen, later from a garage and today in a workshop in Ashland, Oregon; every batch and every bar is still kettle-made and cut by hand.

In the beginning (back in the day, as they say), Sappo Hill Soaps were stirred with a wooden paddle, poured into troughs, cut into cakes, then sold at country fairs, farmer's markets, or right out of the car to natural food cooperatives.

As demand for Sappo Hill soaps grew and the company moved out of the garage into a workshop, Sappo Hill remained true to its old fashioned cold-process methods, and soap recipes using whole natural, cruelty free & organic ingredients.

Sappo Hill's traditional kettle process carefully blends food grade Kosher Non-GMO cold-pressed certified segregated sustainable palm, and coconut oil for their rich, skin friendly glycerin. Each cake is hand-crafted, wire-cut, air-dried and aged to create a long-lasting soap of exceptional mildness; proudly made fresh daily.

This cold process method takes the most time, but is absolutely the best method for producing the highest quality bar soap.  This small-batch, time-intensive, and personal process is no longer used by most American soap makers as most soaps are mass-produced by automated machines.  Many are outsourced over borders and overseas.  Still other companies source their soap from a central soap making company, then sell under their own label.

                                                     Sappo Hill Soapworks' signature round Glycerine Creme Soap bars are produced without the use of animal products and we never test on animals. We have offset our carbon output since 2003, donate over 8 tons of soap annually to humanitarian organizations, and provide loans to support women entrepreneurs and green projects around the world.  Our packaging is minimal, recycled, and as  environmentally friendly as possible. By not individually wrapping our soaps, we save over 9 tons of packaging from the landfill every year!  We are also a near Zero-Waste facility, with less waste than a single average American! Everyone can make a difference!

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